Would Mark Twain have been a blogger?

Mark Twain wasn’t always a writer. He wrote professionally as a young man, but pursued other careers, only returning to writing when those other professions failed him.

So, if Mark Twain wrote primarily for money, it’s fair to ask whether he would have wasted time blogging.

Supposedly, some bloggers make money, but few do right away. I suppose there might be some big magazine paying a writer to keep a blog, but that doesn’t count. When I say blogger, I mean random folks typing away for a handful of readers.

A better question might be: if Mark Twain was a blogger, would anyone read his ramblings? Anyone who has read Mark Twain knows he was a gifted writer, but that doesn’t mean the blogging community would find him.

Maybe Twain would have been a master marketer and spread his name on the internet, but maybe not. Maybe he would have written a few blog posts and gave up to pursue something that actually produced a paycheck.