JDP Invitational IV

The fourth annual JDP Invitational crowned its fourth new champion last week, with Laura Walsh claiming the green candle. Her net 71 was the first score posted and sat there begging for a challenger that never materialized. The other four players all failed to break 80 with their net scores. Defending champion Debbie Peters made […]

Passing Don’s wisdom on to writers

I continued my reading of Don Quixote this morning and stumbled across a passage that could easily apply to writers in today’s world. In the passage, Sancho Panza asks Quixote why he continues to wander around doing great deeds that nobody will ever see or hear about. Why doesn’t Quixote go into the service of […]

Write every day

One of the biggest lessons I learned in my journalistic days was that sometimes people like the dumbest stories. No, what I mean is, you never can tell what people are going to like. I would turn in stories I loved and hear nothing from anyone and I would turn in stories I hated and […]

Shavasana is my favorite yoga pose

There is no better feeling than reaching the end of a yoga practice and hearing the instructor tell you to go into relaxation pose, or Shavasana. That feeling of splaying your arms and legs out on the ground and letting your body relax after a challenging session. Of course, Shavasana wouldn’t feel so good if […]

Would Mark Twain have been a blogger?

Mark Twain wasn’t always a writer. He wrote professionally as a young man, but pursued other careers, only returning to writing when those other professions failed him. So, if Mark Twain wrote primarily for money, it’s fair to ask whether he would have wasted time blogging. Supposedly, some bloggers make money, but few do right […]

Diva rules

The third annual JDP Invitational was over before it started. A scheduling quirk allowed Deb “The Diva” Peters to play her round four days prior to the other four competitors in the 18-hole event in Mesquite, Nevada. Her net 76 at the Palms proved too tough to beat for the others at Casablanca on Friday. […]

DP sets the pace

The third annual JDP Invitational launched in windy, frigid conditions Monday at the Palms Golf Course in Mesquite, where Debbie Peters served as pacesetter for the other four players in the tournament. Debbie’s 115 from the red tees at the Palms was a net 76 for the 39-handicap who usually plays from a modified senior […]

Final hole seals first JDP for The Scribe

The second annual JDP Invitational was a little more dramatic than the first, with Jeremy Peters edging out Sean Walsh on the final hole to claim the green candle by one stroke. The title was undecided until the final hole Friday at Casablanca golf club in Mesquite, Nevada, where “El Capitan” was tied with “the […]